Reelect Tony Economou
District 1 City Councilor


2015 Standout Schedule
Please consider joining us - one or two afternoons a week, or a half hour here and there - pop the list in your calendar and jump in as you can to support.  Signs will be on site, all we need is YOU!
July 4th, Coalition of Worcester Retirees
Sept 7th, Worcester Firefighters Local 1009

The Campaign Signs for the 2015 election have been placed.
Please email Tony at with your address if you would like a sign for your yard to show your support! 
Thank you very much for your continued support and your vote on November 3rd!

Worcester Magazine 09/10/15
Columnist Tom Quinn 
PLAYGROUNDED: A few weeks ago, we brought you the baffling true story of District 1 City Councilor Tony Economou volunteering his time to help residents of the neighborhood around Kendrick Field (which is not named for talented Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick, just as a random bit of non-trivia) clear out the overgrown playground at the site, and one resident’s quest to berate him for suggesting such a thing. Hey, we get it, the city government probably should have taken care of the playground, but why turn down free labor? Well, in the face of one hissy fit, Economou decided to throw another hissy fit, taking his weed whacker on Saturday to clean up the park whether residents wanted it or not. Clearly outfoxed, that neighbor’s face will be red with rage every time he looks out on the new, cleaned-up park by his house. This is why you have to vote, people – otherwise you’ll be represented by loose cannon councilors who would rather volunteer their own time rather than wait for all the clean-up forms to be signed in triplicate first.
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